The Stanfield-Worley Bluff Shelter

The Stanfield-Worley Bluff Shelter in Colbert County, Alabama, was excavated in 1960-61. Like many cave sites, the artifacts were mixed throughout the levels. Nevertheless, the majority of the Late Paleoindian Dalton and Early Archaic Big Sandy I points were recovered in the lowest Zone D (DeJarnette et al. (1962).

The artifacts are housed at the state’s archaeology facility at Moundville. Scans were made of the Paleoindian and Early Archaic artifacts at 600 dpi and saved in an uncompressed tif format. Some of the artifacts were scanned on both side, but most were scanned on one side. The preferred side best preserves an accurate plan-view, meaning the artifacts were “flat” on the scanner platen. The catalog numbers are the numbers on the bags. All Paleoindian lanceolate points were ground up to the obvious locations on their bases. The few point identifications were those noted on the bags.

If these images are used in a publication or presentation, please credit: “University of Alabama Museums, Tuscaloosa, Alabama,” and the “Archaeological Research Cooperative, Inc.” A copy of the publication or presentation must be provided to both entities.

DeJarnette, David, Edward Kurjack, and James Cambron. 1962 Stanfield-Worley Bluff Shelter Excavations. Journal of Alabama Archaeology 8(1-2): 1-124.

Stanfield Worley Artifacts