Porcelain Artifacts to Replicate Impact Damages

Clovis replicate made of chert with its porcelain clones

Porcelain Points for Replication Studies: ARCOOP is working with the George Washington University ceramic studio to produce projectile points in porcelain. The porcelain points are cast from authentic and replication chipped stone points. Porcelain is a high-fired ceramic that creates a replicate that flakes like chert. In fact, porcelain has long been used as a practice medium by modern flint-knappers. Once the molds are made, the points can be mass-produced for little cost.

Bolen point in black and its white porcelean clones

These points can be used in a variety of replication studies.  ARCOOP is presently working with students from the University of West Florida to set up experiments using these replication points involving hafting and fracture variation.