Paleoindian Database of the Americas GIS – any pre-13,000 to 9,000 CALBP

The ARCOOP intends to expand its North American geographic information systems (GIS) database with Central and South American examples.  This project will surely double a current database of 1342 archaeological sites that have ages estimated or confirmed between 11,000 BP and 8000 BP (13,000 to 9,000 CALBP) – confirmation by either radiocarbon or by diagnostic artifacts.

Projection of the current database of compiled archaeological sites that have ages or are estimated to be 13,000 to 9,000 CALBP years old.

The database includes the name, geographic location, named diagnostics, and citation of published work of over 1300 sites – mostly in North America. Sorely needed are the Central and South American sites of these ages that will begin to reveal the centers of propagation of the New World.

The ARCOOP is seeking funding for a data gathering field trip June-July – August of 2017.  The data gathering will include scouring published literature for a draft list of sites, communication with peers in South and Central America to organize a  sabbatical visit in Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, if not others.  The visit will  include gathering as much site data with GIS coordinates as possible., including comparative numbers of artifacts in districts within each country. The cost of this visit (travel, room and board) is estimated at $10,000 US.