How Long Did Clovis Last?

How long did the Clovis phenomenon last? It is a question with important implications for understanding Clovis demographics and evaluating the spread of Clovis and its relationship to other contemporaneous, pre-Clovis, and post-Clovis cultural phenomena.

Because an accurate chronology is necessary to evaluate these and other questions, we have established a better estimate of the temporal span of the Clovis cultural phase by the use of Bayesian statistics provided by the website.

Today, scores of Clovis 14C ages are available, and we argue that analysis of alternative models of the Clovis phenomenon using Bayesian statistics and the recently published IntCal 13 calibration curve (Bronk Ramsey 2009; Reimer et al. 2013) is a rigorous and disciplined method for evaluating the ages.

In October of 2013 two ARCOOP board members (Thulman and Faught) presented a poster that evaluated the age and span of Clovis, as well as its chronological relationships with other culture groups: Western Stemmed Points, Folsom, and Debert/Bullbrook cultural phenomena.  It can be viewed here:  Thulman&Faught_Poster_2013