Dust Cave

The Dust Cave site is located in northwest Alabama on the Tennessee River, about 20 miles from the Stanfield-Worley Rockshelter site. Excavated by the University of Alabama since 1989, it has produced the most complete early cultural sequence in the Southeast, stretching from Late Paleoindian (Quad, Beaver Lake) through the Middle Archaic (Benton)(Goldman-Finn and Driskell 1994; Sherwood et al. 2004).

The artifacts are housed at the University of Tennessee Archaeological Research Laboratory in Knoxville. The images presented here include all the Paleoindian and Early Archaic side notched points and many of the Kirk stemmed points. If an image is used in a publication or presentation, please credit the Tennessee Archaeological Research Laboratory and the Archaeological Research Cooperative, Inc.

Goldman, Nurit, and Boyce Driskell (eds.). 1994  Preliminary Archaeological Papers on Dust Cave, Northwest Alabama. Journal of Alabama Archaeology 40(1-2).

Dust Cave artifacts