Blueberry Hill Paleoindian Site, Sussex County, Virginia

Blueberry Hill: Blueberry Hill (44SX327) is located approximately 200 meters southeast of Cactus Hill in southern Virginia.  Mike Johnson originally tested the site in 2002, after completing his work on Area A at Cactus Hill.  Now, eight years later Johnson and team of volunteers from the Northern Virginia chapter of the Archaeological Society of Virginia (ASV) have returned to Blueberry Hill to look for Paleoindian occuptions.

Earlier testing at the site found a fluted point and an unfluted lanceolate.  Excavations in May 2010 found occupation levels at 30″ and 34-36″ but no diagnostic artifacts.  These levels correspond to the expected Clovis and pre-Clovis levels, but confirmation will have to wait until a diagnostic artifact or feature with charcoal is found.

Location of Bluberry Hill with respect to Cactus Hill

ARCOOP assisted Johnson by funding the use of a total station for the site and preparing preliminary topo maps of the site.  The topo map shows the relation between Cactus Hill and Blueberry Hill.

ARCOOP funded a total station survey equipment for the project.  The total station was used to produce a detailed topo of the area.  ARCOOP also trained several volunteers in the use of the equipment.

Becky, Celia, and Jean getting familiar with the total station provided by the ARCOOP